Our Graphic Designers are adept at crafting high-quality Booklets, Flyers, Stationary, Advertising, Menus, Presentations, Books, and Invitations that captivate intended audiences. Employing a range of approaches from, classic to modern, ethnic to abstract Crystal media’s professional team of designers translate ideas into effective communication solutions.


Our dedicated studio team members offer full service creative options for our clients.



In our studio our graphic design team offers a range of creative services using the latest technology. The new heights that graphic design technologies and techniques have reached have made visual communication today equally loud to verbal communication. Writing the right press release and coming up with the right tagline is simply no longer enough to deliver the right message. The region as a whole and Qatar in particular is set to become a creative hotbed, and the talented graphic designers and visual artists that have been flocking to the country are one of the agents of this change. Our graphic design team at Crystal Media makes sure your brand stands out from the crowd. Our experienced team knows how to tailor the visuals for each of our clients’ campaigns, whether for complex messages that require elaborate designs, or simple quick messages that require clean-cut visuals. Our graphic designers at Crystal Media match context with content, and integrate the visuals with the surroundings of your outdoor campaigns. At Crystal Media, we believe good graphic designs must convey the brand image whether directly or indirectly, and, as any other component of an advertising or marketing campaign, must be aligned with the overall business strategy. Visuals are not here to complement your campaigns, but rather are a crucial part of your brand identity. We make sure to create signature looks for our clients’ brands, while constantly coming up with fresh visuals for each of their campaigns. Our graphic design solutions include advertising, packaging, business stationary, outdoor campaigns, online marketing campaigns and a wide array of marketing collateral.



CRYSTAL MEDIA was established in France and spread to Europe, to more than 50 countries over the past 10 years, reaching the Gulf region in 2007. We are one of the leading companies in the field of advertising.


  • Office No.10,Area No.25,
  • Bin Derham Street No.950,Fareej Bin Derham,
  • Al Mansoora,P.O.Box # 64113
  • Doha Qatar.
  • +974 4412 1071
  • +974 5561 0565
  • +974 4412 1070


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