Our production house solutions focus on capturing occasions and preserving the distinctiveness of memories and moments. Our productions compel viewers to listen, watch, think, feel, re-live, celebrate or at times even buy, support and become customers of our clients. Depending on the scope of the project , our directors discuss the options of shooting on film or on videotape, advising clients on the best medium that suits the occasion. We breathe life into our clients' productions through scriptwriting, casting, filming, editing, animation, voice-over and music services, all chosen discerningly to create a perfect capture of moments you want on record. Over and above, we also offer an array of production house facilities that include the use of equipment, studios, editing facilities and post-production services serving the interest of independent directors and producers.
• Corporate & Commercial Videos -Web Videos, Presentations, Product Demo.
• Creative Video Concept –Script & Synopsis writing, Story Boarding, Mood Board Development.
• Documentary Films.
• TV Commercials.
• Event Coverage.
• Production Facilities.


From advertising through to public relations, delivering and targeting your message to the right audience in crucial and Crystal Media is experienced in helping companies and organizations tell their story.


Script-writing, talent sourcing, production and media buying – we are able to develop advertisements for this increasingly important medium. TV is the most important medium in the region, and the need to be present on this medium has made clients aggressively look for key points of differentiation when they present themselves on it.
Booking prime time space on Qatar's top TV stations is no longer enough. For every memorable ad the audience is exposed to on TV, many others fail to grab the attention of the capture audience. Providing the right content is the starting point to make your brand stand out amid the communication clutter.
A huge pool of talent has been pouring into Qatar over the last few years, which means a great deal of resources for quality TV advertising. Crystal Media Media sources the best talent in Qatar to develop quality and unique content, copywriting, script development, direction and production for its clients. We collaborate with the best production houses within the region and outside the region that work with the latest high-tech equipment to produce high caliber TV advertising.
Through our well-connected, exposed and experienced media buying units teams, we are able to not only help you get more media for your money's worth, but also allocate advertising budgets more efficiently. As such, we leverage your TV advertising budgets to reach the best mix of media allocation costs, production costs and creative costs.


Scripting writing, talent sourcing, production and media buying we are able to develop advertisements for this increasingly important medium. Today, many clients and agencies in Qatar and across the region have poured their resources and media buying strategies into TV and outdoor advertising, and not without reason.
Although we acknowledge the importance of TV and outdoor advertising to reach mass audience- and provide all the media planning, buying and production services for your TV and outdoor campaigns- we believe radio advertising campaigns, when done properly, can be a low-cost, high-impact medium; and we will make sure of that. Qatar has transformed into a dynamic, always on-the-move space. Radio advertising is the perfect fit for mobile audiences who are often on the road.
At Crystal Media, we will help you pinpoint your radio audience, evaluate which radio stations offer the best reach, frequency, and cost-per-point for, and bargain promotional offers and sponsorships to maximize the impact of your radio dollars. We know what makes a good radio spot, and we have access to the best voice talents, copywriters, sound engineers, and audio production houses in Qatar to make your radio ads stand out and communicate with the listeners.
As digital has become an essential part of each medium, almost all radio stations have been streaming their content online. Crystal Media will help you integrate your radio campaigns online, and make sure that content and form attracts both your offline and online audience.
Crystal media provides a range of photographic services covering all aspects of digital photography complemented by an array of photo printing services. From corporate to commercial, indoors to outdoors, formal to casual, portraits to groups, intimate private gatherings to major events, Crystal media's team of professional photographers specialize in getting the results you desire. Our devotion to quality and uncompromising practice of using advanced technology allows us to cost-effectively offer high-impact photographic solutions that suit all types of requirements, no matter the setting. Among the bouquet of services we offer is professional studio solutions. Housed at Crystal media's premises our versatile studio offers the perfect setting to create the atmosphere you desire.
• Corporate & Commercial Photography
• Professional Event Coverage
• Launches, Conferences & VIP Meetings
• Social Event Coverage
• Children & Family Photography
• Themed Photography
• Portable Studio Setup
• Schools & Universities
• Professional Studio Solutions


While other media may give more creative leeway and louder impact, we still believe newspaper advertising is indisputably the go-to medium for high reach, high exposure, regular presence in the market, and most importantly, cost-effective advertising.
Our connections and contacts within the media industry have allowed us to accumulate inside insights and information on the print market, correctly identify which newspapers rate the highest on reach and exposure to different market segments, and determine which media are relevant to each industry in Qatar.
As a result, we've grown a natural ability to design campaigns for newspapers differently than we would for other print media. And though the change in the way consumers consume content is inevitable in Qatar as much as it is in other parts of the world, we are firm believers that newspapers will always have a place in the media mix.



CRYSTAL MEDIA was established in France and spread to Europe, to more than 50 countries over the past 10 years, reaching the Gulf region in 2007. We are one of the leading companies in the field of advertising.


  • Office No.10,Area No.25,
  • Bin Derham Street No.950,Fareej Bin Derham,
  • Al Mansoora,P.O.Box # 64113
  • Doha Qatar.
  • +974 4412 1071
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